Andrea Migliano a. Mountain Guide


Mountaineer with a preference for rock and exploratory skiing, every year he participates in expeditions around the planet always discovering unexplored places, or the most popular destinations, he has skied and climbed mountains in Oman, Morocco, Yosemite - California, Utah, Patagonia Chile and Argentina, Canada, Kenya, Ethiopia, Georgia and in several countries of Europe.

Guru of the Orco Valley lives the valley on a stable basis from May to September where, in addition to the work of an Alpine Guide, he takes care of the Le Fonti Minerali Refuge, a meeting point for outdoor enthusiasts and climbers who frequent the valley.

The rest of the year is dedicated to the Alps and to the paradises scattered throughout our territory, such as the Gran Sasso, or Sardinia. Excellent connoisseur of the Val di Mello and the best destinations for Freeride and Ski Mountaineering, from the Maritime Alps to the Central Alps.

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Domenico Totani a. Mountain Guide


Not only Mountaineer and Mountain Guide, but also doctor and rescuer. Everyone would like to have his company during mountain outings. He resides in Abruzzo in L'Aquila, is therefore a point of reference for the Gran Sasso National Park, but deeply knows the Orco Valley and the Dolomites.