Choose from the hundreds of Trad routes that run through the imposing walls of the Orco Valley in Gran Paradiso National Park.

Discover the famous and historical itineraries and the most unpublished.

Depending on your experience and your desires, we will be able to advise you on how to live your climb

Learn the art of crack climbing

The use of protections and progression in safety.


Ideal for any level of climbing , you can get advice or choose the ascent route together with the guide on the wall you like best, based on the conditions dictated by the season. The embarrassment is in the choice having the giants and many small satellites available scattered in the wonderful context that the Valley offers, at an altitude ranging from 800 to 2000m. it's a

predominant. Approaches from 10 minutes to the maximum hour. The predominant style is crack climbing   for all grades and of various sizes. From the most classic ones such as the Diedro Nanchez , on the Caporal or the Nautilus on the Sergent , to the most unusual.


Harness, helmet, climbing shoes, chalk, hiking shoe / boot, 30/40 liter backpack, sunglasses, protective cream, goretex shell and mountain clothing. Possibly 2 half ropes, 4 ferrules, two tapes and quickdraws, sets of friends, kevlar cords. All climbing material can be hired or, if possible, made available by the Guide.


From April to October, depending on temperatures, spring snow, sun exposure.

We will look for the best conditions for climbing and to enjoy the microclimate of the valley.

The basic cost for a day starts from € 250 for 1 or 2 people, depending on the itinerary and the commitment of the tour the price may increase. It includes the accompaniment of the guide, the RC, any technical material useful for the excursion.


Diedro Nanchez